A great service, exceptional value and impressive performance can only be achieved if your campaign is being looked after by very special people. The Shutter Media team comprises some of the most experienced, creative, diligent and professional people in the media industry. Our sales, marketing, design, production, operations and print teams are united by a common goal – to provide you with the very best advertising solutions. No compromise. No catches. No short-cuts.



Shutter Media


We cover high street shutters with full advertisements that cannot be missed by the public.


Due to the current economic climate, it became apparent to us, working at the forefront of outdoor media in the last 2 years, that companies are making major cutbacks on their advertising budgets. In most cases it is the first budget that is restricted when cuts have to be made.


Shutter Media’s vision is to create an affordable form of advertising in two ways: By allowing companies to utilise space they already own; and to allow advertisers to buy space from retailers. In this way, no one is paying over the odds for other forms of media that give less impact and in some cases don’t work at all.


Shutter Media guarantees you will be able to advertise right in the heart of your target area.



The Media


In the last 20 years, vinyl media has evolved. With new formulations and breakthrough modifications of existing materials, we can now offer media which:


  • Has no uv fading;
  • Is completely vandal proof;
  • Cannot be sliced with a knife, or peeled.


We also use a unique priming material which enables our advertisements to stick to steel.


We offer a full 12 month guarantee on all our products.


What We Do


Our experienced fitting team will come out to your premises and measure your shutters.


Our dedicated design team will then work with you to understand the key requirements and themes of your advertising campaign. They will then design your advertisements to optimise the advertising space you have available ensuring you are getting the most out of your shutter advertising campaign.


With the advertisements designed, we will print them using the latest latex printers. We will also treat the vinyl to achieve the vandal proof finish.


Our fitting team will then return to your site. They will prepare and prime your shutters before fitting your advertisement to the highest standard.


Why Shop Shutters as a media?


  • Advertising on buses, trains, taxis and posters is all well and good, but these forms of outdoor advertising do not necessarily reach your target audiences in the heart of your business’ location.
  • We can place your advertising exactly where you want it, even pinpointing a specific post code or street.
  • There are very few poster sites in the heart of towns or cities, until now!
  • Adverts on shop shutters are at eye level and cannot be missed.
  • In some locations we offer short-term 24 hour shutter space.
  • We also offer 16-hour roller shutters which are ideal for targeting commuters or those out socialising.
  • Roller shutter advertising is extremely affordable and effective!



All advertisements are printed using our latest HP latex printer. This uses water based latex inks and no solvents and also a special over laminate which guarantees that 12 months on the advertisement looks as good as the day it was fitted.


All advertisements will be removed at the end of their term and are fully recyclable.



Imagine how much it would cost to place a permanent billboard right outside your premises?  There is no need – you already have one!


Branding your shutters with our cast, vandal proof vinyl will not just transform the appearance of your premises but it will enhance your visibility and ultimately generate more business.


We will work with you on the design of your advertisements, ensuring you are maximising your advertising space to its full potential.


We can design your advertisements in such a way that you are able to change your messaging for new promotions or offers on a timely basis.


Strap lines, wording, etc can be changed for new promotions or offers from as little as £50 per shutter.



In many UK cities there are no large billboards within the city centre – they are usually placed on the outskirts.


Media shutters will allow advertisers to target specific locations which, due to a lack of advertising space, were not previously available .


Media shutters will not only be a form of advertising when shops are closed after 5pm: Careful targeting will allow us to acquire shutter advertising space which enables the media to also be live between 9am and 5pm.


So, these adverts are not just visible when premises are closed and their shutters are down!


Media shutters will be sold as advertising space.


Media shutters reaching people on the streets of the UK with unmissable adverts


  • For 40% of the time when people are out and about on the streets, shutters are down
  • Commuters
  • The School Run
  • Motorists
  • Party-goers
  • Cinema-goers
  • Diners


….. To name a few




The growing importance of home and office security has prompted businesses to look for robust solutions, and roller shutters are one of the simplest of them. A roller shutter is made of strong materials, such as steel, aluminium and in recent years, PVC.


A roller shutter serves the basic purpose of securing a shop, business, house, or apartment from criminals who want what you have. The most common type is made of horizontal slats of material hinged together in a set pattern. Newer designs also have bars and web systems fused together to form a very strong shutter for maximum protection.


A roller shutters can offer excellent security for the windows or doors they are installed to protect. This is because the construction materials are strong and resistant to damage, and also because they offer a solid design which leaves no point for burglars to enter.


Even modern cutting tools have a tough time getting through most roller shutters. This isn’t something anyone but the most determined criminal would attempt, as the noise alone should be enough to alert someone to call the police. This makes them the ideal deterrent for commercial premises. Given the added security features, many homeowners have started installing roller shutters when their homes are located in high-crime neighbourhoods.


There is also the added benefit with some types of shutter to advertise on the outside of them. Owners can either advertise their own business on them, or sell the space to make some extra income. The types of shutters made by Shutter Media offer this chance, while still looking high quality. If you’re going to make money advertising, you may as well do it properly.


Shuttered shops with graffiti or posters advertising anything from a fair to illegal raves look like eyesores. Having a decent quality shutter with a properly designed advertising spaces will set you apart from the crowd. That alone is worth the investment, even if you don’t factor in any income from selling the space.


The most common type of shutter is one that is used for garage doors. This roller version is usually available in a standard horizontal format with slats of aluminium, steel or PVC. It is available in automatic as well as manual operation. Electric operation is preferred by many as it can be raised or lowered without effort.


Roller shutters can reduce the chances of car theft and burglary significantly. They can also be installed in the front and back doors of a residential property to prevent unauthorized entry.  This type of barrier is popular among those fortunate enough to have a second or holiday home. It adds a reassuring amount of security when a property is unoccupied for a period of time.


A roller shutter can last for many years without any need for repair or replacement. A high quality roller shutter can easily last for ten years or more under normal conditions. Shutter Media suggests replacing them after they have been significantly damaged, such as in a ram raid, or when they begin to corrode. With the modern materials used nowadays, that can be a significant period of time.



In today’s world of cut throat competition, merely creating a product or offering a service is not enough. In order to be successful, you have to market yourself to potential customers. How well you do that defines how booming your business is. There are many methods to consider when choosing the type of advertising to go for, but the one that has the greatest impact is undoubtedly outdoor advertising.


The world of high tech, classy television ads might seem the more glamorous choice and may feel more result oriented. The fact of the matter is that the outlay on such promotional activities often cannot be justified when the results are seen in practice.


A sound marketing strategy is one that achieves tangible results in the form of sales growth and increased brand value at the lowest cost possible. Outdoor advertising is amongst the most potent methods available to achieve that goal.


While the prospect of interacting with such a huge potential audience is inviting to say the least, it also means that the utmost care has to be taken when executing any promotional plans. Outdoor advertising will give you a chance to introduce your brand to an audience with a rich and diverse demographic profile. Meaning your marketing pitch has to be adjusted accordingly.


The judicious use of words is a very important aspect here. It is best to use as few words as possible because most people won’t read your ad if it is anything above a couple of sentences.


Make sure you use the limited words at your disposal to convey your message in a strong and creative manner. Using images and graphics that complement and enhance your advertisement is a must to make a vibrant expression. Your outdoor advertising campaign should be designed so as to take advantage of the fact that your audience will be exposed to the ad multiple times.


It should have a unique, defining characteristic that makes it stand out amongst the crowd and worth remembering.


Your campaign will be deemed a success if you can get your outdoor advertisement stuck in your audience’s mind. Make sure your promotional content portrays the true image of your business and the type of product or service you aim to sell. Advertisements go a long way in fostering positive impressions about brand value and can help your business prosper.


Outdoor advertising is an extremely effective platform when used astutely. Shutter advertising is an interesting take on the outdoor promotion concept. The idea is so simple it just feels right.


By using roller shutters and windows for advertising purposes, reaching your target audience becomes a whole lot easier. You can also promote your stuff in places where billboards and other forms of outdoor signage are not allowed.


Furthermore Shutter Media has enormous potential in terms of creativity which bodes well for successful advertising ventures. The flexibility with which you can change your advertisements and target more people who are outdoors is truly awesome. Outdoor advertising is definitely an option worth considering.




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